How To Get More View On Facebook Video

How To Get More View On Facebook Video

Are you always on the lookout for more Facebook views? Today I’ve got six easy hacks to help you get more views with your Facebook video.

Longer is Better

The first hack for you is that longer is better. I know it’s counterintuitive to everything any marketing person has said to you in the past five years. Everyone keeps advocating for shorter social media videos but hear me out on this one. What’s good for Facebook is good for you. Facebook wants people to stay on their platform longer because the longer people are on Facebook the more ad revenue they can generate. So when you’re providing content that keeps people on Facebook and makes Facebook happy and the Facebook gods will reward you by sharing your content with more viewers so you get a better reach.

Asking Different Question

The second hack for you is to encourage interaction with your viewers by asking them to like your video or posing a question within your video that they can answer in the comments. So when Facebook sees a flurry of activity on your video because it’s getting these likes comments and views it’ll share it with more people because Facebook is interested in interesting content. After all, you guessed it keeps people on Facebook longer.

Make Your Video A Native File

My third hack for you is to make your video a native file on Facebook. And what that means is that you’re actually uploading it to the Facebook platform as opposed to uploading it somewhere else like YouTube or Vimeo and then linking to it on Facebook. You really want to have native videos on Facebook for a few reasons.

1. Autoplay

It Auto plays in the Facebook feed. So when people are scrolling by their newsfeed your video will really capture their attention as opposed to just a link on YouTube or Vimeo or somewhere else.

2. What's Facebook Like?

When people click that video to watch it when it’s native keeps people on Facebook longer and we already know that’s exactly what Facebook wants.

3. Insights

You can really take advantage of Facebook’s pretty robust insights into video performance when you upload that native file. Then You can see how long people watched it when the drop-off point was that people don’t watch to the end how many likes shares and views it’s gotten. so those insights are really important for helping you create relevant content for your viewers. You can only do that with a native video.

Show Your Face On Video

Hack number four is to show your face. People are less likely to scroll by someone who’s really talking right at them. You want to be energetic smiling and engaging. I mean videos that show you talking to the camera are super simple to produce. But they’re also really hard for people to turn away from so, show that mug.

Go Live

Hack number five is to go live when you go live on Facebook. It’s the only time that you can push a notification out to your Facebook fans. And have them know that you have new content on your page. There’s pretty much almost no other way to do that unless someone has specifically set their personal settings to be notified when you publish new content. And your Facebook fans more than likely have not taken the time to do that. So I encourage you to go live but go in with a plan I made a whole video all about making a great live Facebook video.

Enable Closed Captioning

The final hack for you today is to enable closed captioning. Sometimes people are in situations where they can’t watch your video with the volume turned up. Because they’re either in public and it’s too loud or they’re Republican it’s so quiet they don’t want everyone to hear what they’re watching or maybe they’re at work and they’re just taking a 10-minute Facebook break. So you want to enable closed captioning it’s super easy to do this. Just click on your video hit that ellipsis select edit video and then find where it says subtitles and you want to enable the auto-generated closed captioning. This is so simple and it will really make a difference with your video reach.

So there you have it guys six simple hacks for getting more reach on your Facebook page. If you thought this was helpful and then subscribe to the bell button for notification.

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