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Top 5 things You Must Do Before Starting Your Web Design Business

Today I want to share with you five things that you should do before you get your first client for web design. I myself that web design for many years and I learned a lot of problems to trial and error. So I want to make sure that you don’t run into the same problems like I did. Are you ready ? Let’s start:

Professional Website

Firstly, make sure you have a professional website, number one reason why people don’t choose your services is image ask yourself. If I brought around 1 million people to your website tomorrow what would their reaction be? If you create a professional website, you can drastically increase the number of clients and also get more referrals. Compare yourself with your competitor’s website and see how you can improve your design to come out on top. And Remember image is everything, so create something amazing for your clients.

Pricing Model

Secondly, create a pricing model that people can’t refuse. In web design, there are so many different ways of how you can price your web design services. And this might lead to a designer lowering the price in order to make a sale. personally, I like to do 50% down, 25%when almost done, and then 25% upon completion model because that will protect you from laggy clients. Also, 50% of the client has committed and will be more likely to stay with you. Never ask for all the money upfront because they don’t trust you and never ask for too little because then they might leave. If the client can’t afford the services then perhaps you have the wrong client, so never feel afraid to walk away from the clients. At last, pricing is important to create something that can be beneficial to both parties.

Online Contract For Your Web Design Business

Create an online contract everyone hates this stuff but by creating an online contract, you can protect yourself from disputes with your clients. This gives the client protection as much as you to help both parties understand what will be included in the work. I also find that contracts will help you to protect yourself against chargebacks. So you can have some sort of documentation to show merchants if that ever happens. To protect yourself from danger, make a contract.

Amazing Proposal

Proposals give the client a representation of yourself and your business. So I can’t pressure how significant these are. By having a Rockstar proposition this is your simply opportunity to persuade the customer, that they are protected with you and that you understand what you’re doing. Numerous leads are lost because of helpless proposition and simply excluding enough data. Personally, I make my proposals so professional that I want the client to feel dumb If they don’t take my services. So before you spend a dollar on marketing make sure do you have something to show your client that would make them feel lucky that they got your service.

Managing your clients

Your customers are occupied individuals and don’t generally possess energy for calls and they would truly prefer not to continue to manage their site. All the time this is actually something good for you. By using a service like manage WP you can send detailed reports of what’s going on with the client’s website without the hassle of calling them. You can send detailed reports of their website and progress that will make the client feel more secure and happy that they went with your services. Keep in mind your clients have jobs too but you also need to keep them informed at the same time. Remember the less they call you the better. So remember don’t nag your clients but just keep them in the loop of what’s going on. And when they can expect their website to be completed.

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