What is Dedicated Server

What is Dedicated Server Hosting

What Is Dedicated Server?: Most of the time you heard the name Shared hosting if you’re already familiar with website or hosting. Most of the time shared hosting server gonna be the best option if you start a new business or a blog. Shared hosting offers lots of features that you need to make a professional website with a reasonable website. But after a few months or maybe some years when your website grows up, then you need to upgrade your hosting plan. 

Then what you will do? Or what’s the best hosting package for you? If you have this kind of question on your mind then, we’re here to help you out from this question. 

In this article, we’ll discuss all Dedicated Server Hosting. So don’t be let, Let’s get started:

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server means that your website hosts on your own server. It also gives you immense power and more flexibility. For clear details, suppose that You’re going to rent a house, and you’ll get full ownership of your house. But before buying a Dedicated server you must need complete research before purchase. 

For example, Most website owners start their online journey with a shared hosting plan but when your website starts to grow and your website got million of traffic then you must be needed to upgrade your hosting plan. Then Dedicated Hosting server is the best option for you.

Why would you need a dedicated server (4 key reasons)?

As we mentioned, a Dedicated hosting server is one of the most powerful hosting servers all over the world. However, you may be asking why you need to upgrade the dedicated server. Let’s, read this ( 4 reasons ) why you need to upgrade.

1. Your website is still growing and your site got million of traffic

If your website is growing so fast, and your website is crashing for lots of traffic then it’s time to upgrade your hosting plan to Dedicated Server hosting. If you’re still using a shared hosting package when your site gets millions of traffic then your website performance drops significantly. This problem may be the cause of an increase in your website bounce rate, it’s very harmful to the search console.

2. Security is a concern

Security is an important thing in the online sector. Also, security is one of the most important for website owners, but those handling sensitive information. 

But with the dedicated hosting server, you get extra security for your website and your personal.

3. Increase your loading speed

Loading time is the most important for a website. Suppose that, you visit a website and the website loading very slowly, Then do You like the website? Hope you’re answer gonna be no. Because no one likes slow-loading websites, also google. Your website’s slow loading time can cause of negative impact on your website.

If you shift to a Dedicated server then you don’t need to worry about your website loading speed. You’ll get a super fast loading speed which help you to improve your search result position.

4. Get full control of your web hosting server

If you’re using shared hosting then your hosting provider shared a hosting server with you and your other hostmate. So you can’t get full control of your web hosting server. 

But with a dedicated hosting server, you’ll get full control of your web hosting server. Like buying or renting a house.

Where you can get Best Dedicated Hosting Server

You’ll be found lots of hosting companies, they’re providing Dedicated hosting servers. When we come to the best performance and best services then HostGator dedicated plan is best for you.

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